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Growing the Radio Pie

Growing the Radio Pie

The Ratings Experts at Research Director, Inc. have created a series of essays to guide radio sales people on strategies to grow the radio pie.

Here are links to past articles:

#1 Don’t Always Fish Where the Fish Are

#2 Make Sure the Shoe Fits

#3 Don’t Sell Snowballs to an Eskimo

#4 Fighting Perception with Facts

#5 Reality Is Catching up to Television

#6 Yes, Size Does Matter

#7 Beating Television at Its Own Game

#8 Use the 80/20 Rule to Attack Television

#9 Who Are Your Market’s Non-TV Viewers?

#10 Who Is Targeting Non-Broadcast TV Viewers?

#11 Growing Your Billing with Heavy TV Viewers

#12 Can Quintiles Help Me Grow My Billing?

#13 So What About Radio?

#14 Take Advantage of Weekends to Develop New Business

#15 Your Personalities Are Influencers … Use Them That Way

#16 Pandora’s Box Is Just a Greek Myth

#17 Convert Your Listeners into Dollars

#18 Documenting That Your Listeners Are Not Typical

#19 What Is Your Sales Brand?

#20 The Value of Being the Information Resource

#21 Your Success Is Only Limited by Your Creativity

#22 It’s All About Politics

#23 The Art of the Effective Presentation

#24 Radio Needs to Defy Adam Smith

#25 Making a (Gross) Impression

#26 Sell the Value of Your Older Audience with Pride

#27 Don’t Forget Your Core

#28 Making Money from Your Loyal Listeners: Part 1 – Longer Listening Results in Advertiser Success

#29 Making Money from Your Loyal Listeners: Part 2 Use Your P1 Audience to Your Advantage

#30 Making Money from Your Loyal Listeners: Part 3 – Proving Your Audience Cannot Be Reached Elsewhere

#31 The Secret to Your Success: Differentiation

#32 Radio Cares

#33 Educating Your Existing Advertising Partners

#34 Making Lemonade

#35 Empathy Is Not Only the Right Thing to Do – It’s Good Business

#36 There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel – Are You Prepared?

#37 How to Use Nielsen as Currency

#38 As Commerce Opens, Radio Is Perfect

#39 Your Marketer’s Message

#40 Marketing in Tough Economic Times

#41 Don’t Get Caught in the CPP Trap

#42 Don’t Let Your Advertisers Define You

#43 Using Your Geographic Strengths During This Election Year

#44 Home Sweet Home

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