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Don’t Let COVID Habits Impact Sales

Don’t Let COVID Habits Impact Sales

There is no denying that everything changed in March 2020. How we live, work, and even interact with society changed. This includes the sales process. Many of us were forced to find new ways to get things done, because the previous ways were not possible.

In some cases, these new processes were more efficient. Clearly it is easier and less time-consuming to conduct a sales pitch or CNA via Zoom than to drive to the client and pitch face-to-face. This is just one example, but the question is not whether it is more efficient, but whether it is more effective. In some cases the answer is no.

As we exit our 15 months of hibernation, it is time to look back and determine what helped make us better sales people, and what kinds of things we need to return to in order to become more effective again.

First on my list is the face-to-face client meeting. In my opinion, being in the same room with a client or potential client is invaluable. There is no question that web-based meetings have their place. I conducted web-based sales meetings for over a decade before COVID hit. For the past 15 months, 100% of my client interaction has been web-based. But – yes, something was lost.

Nothing beats the value of being in the same room with someone. Seeing a person’s body language and having the opportunity to allow the discussion to wander away from business can build an amazing bond. Live in-person meetings can achieve so much more than a web-based meeting.

When making that sales call, make sure you are appropriately dressed and fully prepared. Make an impression that will last after you have left the meeting.

Arguably most important is the fact that you will stand out from your competition. While others remain behind the computer screen conducting business, you are telling the client, or prospective client, that they are important and you are willing to work harder than others to build that special partnership.

Finally, everyone is emerging from COVID restrictions differently. The clearest sign of these differences is how people are handling face-to-face interactions. Some are still wary of face-to-face meetings, and some fully vaccinated people are still wearing masks. Make sure you respect the other person’s comfort level.

The time is right to expand the new comfort zone that COVID created and stand out from the competition. When others are not making in-person calls, you have an opportunity to earn new business and grow your billing.