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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Many of the major advertising verticals that radio has helped in past decades have greatly reduced their ad spending. As we all know, various industries are presently just trying to survive, and while advertising is essential, at this time it might be tough to get a commitment.

However, there are business sectors that are thriving, and this is a perfect time to get companies in those sectors involved with radio and your station, maybe for the first time.

Often the biggest investment a family makes is in their home. Recently, both housing starts and home sales have boomed. The U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that privately owned housing starts jumped 22.6% from the previous month, and were up 23.4% from July of last year. That is construction destined for future homeowners. Existing home sales jumped 24.7% from June and were up 8.7% from July of last year, according to the National Association of Realtors. These are people moving into a home that was previously occupied by someone else.

Both new home construction and existing home sales provide numerous opportunities for a smart radio sales rep.

  • Realtors – As people are thinking about selling their existing home or buying a new home, do they know which realtor to call? Many do not. Use your radio station to be where these consumers go, and the realtor gets a new client.
  • Recruitment – As home construction explodes, some markets could see a shortage of electricians, plumbers, masons, etc. Recruiting these trained professionals is a tough task and radio can help.
  • Contractors – Once people move, they have a list of tasks to make their new house into a home. Whether it is carpeting or a kitchen remodel, the time is ripe to get contractors on the air.
  • Furniture/Appliance Stores – How often do people move into a house and not need new furniture? Rarely! What a great time to get these retailers on your station.
  • Hardware/Garden Stores – While a few giants dominate the hardware business, the locally owned hardware stores need to compete. Also, new residents need to know where they can buy all their gardening products.
  • Restaurants – Yes, this category has been hit hard in the current economy. However, where are new residents of a market going to visit or order takeout from as they unpack?

People who are moving will be opening up their wallets. It is the perfect time to show these advertisers the power of radio and sell them an effective ad campaign.