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Improving Your Skillset to Increase Sales

Improving Your Skillset to Increase Sales

Nowadays you can find several sales training courses that will show you the best ways to sell … to close business. I am sure you have been through many sales training courses. Most of them have the same general theme. They talk about how to prospect, build a relationship, research the advertiser, put a proposal together, and close the business. But they are missing a big part of what makes you successful in sales. What is it? What’s the secret sauce?

What makes you successful in Radio sales? It’s having a combination of skillsets that create a foundation for implementing all the sales training techniques that you learn from consultants and sales trainers. Here is a list of a few essential skills to increase your sales.

  1. Organization – Use your favorite app so that you can stay on top of all your sales activities, projects, and your personal life. Are you using a CRM system? Tip: only use ONE calendar so everything is in one place.
  2. Technology – Do you know how to effectively use web conferencing tools and productivity software? Are you using social media to connect with potential advertisers?
  3. Math – Know how to calculate your commission.
  4. Contract basics – Know the main details so you are compliant with what your station is to provide and what is expected of the client.
  5. Communication – Verbal and written. As a society, we have become lazy in our grammar and sentence structure. Stand out by showing your polished professionalism.
  6. Basic advertising concepts – What are the benefits of different media? When do you need Reach versus Frequency? Long-term campaign or short-term?
  7. Scheduling concepts – Which dayparts are the best to achieve the client’s goals? Do you know how to build reach and frequency on your station with regard to spot placement? Vertical versus horizontal ad placement, as well as knowing what days should be used in the campaign.
  8. Negotiation – What are the best techniques to achieve a win-win outcome with your advertiser?

Make an honest assessment of your proficiency with each of these skills. Then determine which ones you want to develop, and go seek out training. Be a sponge and soak up as much as possible. Be on a road of continual learning … it will lead you to great success as a Radio seller.