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Prospecting II: New Categories for Radio

Prospecting II: Uncovering New Categories for Radio

In the last column, I spoke about prospecting for advertisers that aren’t currently using radio. I outlined how to find advertisers whose target audience is heavy radio users. While growing the overall radio pie is valuable, one cannot forget the true goal: to bring new dollars to your station or cluster.

The good news is that, if you have mastered the skill of finding accounts that are right for radio, you can use the same basic strategy to find accounts that are right for your station or cluster.

Nielsen Audio’s Tapscan and other software services make this task easy. Using Tapscan’s Target Profile or Crosstab report, you can scan thousands of qualitative categories to see what your listeners have a propensity to do. Don’t just focus on the obvious, such as those planning to buy a new car. If the goal is to find new money, think beyond the common categories.

Do your listeners travel a lot? Then find the region’s tourism hot spots and let them know that they can reach the ideal customers and you are the person that can deliver them. This is just one example of how to take the habits of your listeners and turn them into new revenue.

This task can also dispel misconceptions about your audience and your format.

Finally, make sure you can effectively communicate this message. Even those potential accounts that do not have an advertising budget can often find dollars if the offer makes sense. Remember, they are just looking for a great ROI. Targeting the right customers can do just that.

Don’t have local market qualitative data at your disposal? If you are a member of the RAB, they can provide great information for your format.

Either way, scan the reams of data available and find the places that your listeners or your format’s listeners shine. Let your creative sale juices flow.

The possibilities are endless.

While not necessary, be ready to compare your performance to other radio stations and even other advertising outlets.

The slam dunk is an account whose target audience is heavy to radio and they listen to your station.