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Radio Keeps the Top Spot

Radio Keeps the Top Spot

The last several weeks. there have been numerous studies released with very positive information for radio. A few that stood out for us:

  • AM/FM radio is America’s #1 mass reach media. (Nielsen)
  • AM/FM radio’s average 18-49 audience has pulled away from television with a 23% advantage. (Nielsen)
  • AM/FM radio represents the largest share of audio listening at 36%. (Edison Share of Ear)
  • Radio is the most trusted media: 63% of adults say they have either “a lot” or “some” trust in radio – a three-point increase from 2020. (Morning Consult)

Let’s take a closer look at these main points. Radio is the #1 mass reach media for Adults 18+, beating out television, particularly with the younger audience. 81% of Adults 18-49 are reached by radio versus 58% reached by TV. That’s right … over than 4 out of 5 Adults 18-49 listen to radio. Another headline and myth debunked!

AM/FM radio is leading the Persons 13+ pack for share of audio listening (36%), with streaming music getting 20%, YouTube 14%, podcasts 11%, and SiriusXM 8%. AM/FM radio is almost double the share of the number two platform.

Lastly, radio is the most trusted media and this is even stronger now than in 2020. The power of radio continues as the medium has endured an influx of other audio options. Remember … trust is earned, not given away freely. In today’s fake news environment, radio has an opportunity to shine a light as being a credible and reliable source.

Radio – #1 mass reach media, reaches more Adults 18-49 than television, the largest share of audio listening, and is the most trusted media.  Do you need any additional information to show the strengths and power of radio? If so, Research Director, Inc. is a phone call or email away. Our Ratings Experts will craft a great story tailored to your needs.