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Selling with New Scarborough Categories

Selling with New Scarborough Categories

Each fall, Nielsen Scarborough releases their second survey of the year. This release includes several new categories and updated answer choices. This year, it is packed with some exciting enhancements!

Today, we will focus on two categories that had the most enhancements: CBD and Sports/Online Gambling. These are two categories with significant media spending as companies try to establish market share.

In the CBD category, you will now find expanded choices for CBD Products Use or Plan to Use in the Next 3 months. This includes beverages, capsules/pills, CBD for a pet, concentrates, edibles, patches, sprays, and more. They also added a question for Stores Likely to Buy CBD Products in the Next 3 Months. Stores include club store, convenience store, doctor’s office, mass merchandiser, natural food store, online sources, pet store, vape stores, grocery, websites, etc., as well as someone else will purchase this for me. Depending on your state regulations for CBD advertising, this can be a gold mine for you to pitch local CBD product merchants. Now, you have specific information about your listeners’ use of CBD products and how to advertise to them.

Prior to Release 2 2022, Scarborough was limited in the information you could extract on your listeners’ Sports Gambling habits. Now, you can also analyze Leagues Plan to Bet on Next 12 Months, Websites/Apps Might Use to Bet, Sports Entertainment Activities Past 12 Months, Special Sports Programs Watched Past 12 Months, and Sports Watched/Listened/Attended/Streamed/Follow. All the major sports are included, as well as the betting sportsbooks. Placed a bet was added to Past 12 Months Sports Entertainment Activities. Now, you can document your listeners’ sports gambling habits to pitch an advertiser on the benefits of including your station in their media campaign.

There are many additional enhancements included in Scarborough Release 2 2022. Check out your market and station-specific profiles. Remember to look only at the recent 6-month survey instead of the 12-month survey, which is usually the default in Tapscan or Prime Lingo. Some responses may only have been collected in the 6-month survey. Build a great presentation showcasing your audience and how you can deliver the right consumer! Let us know if we can help you tell your best story. 🙂