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TAPSCAN Web 11 Beta Available

August 30, 2012

***UPDATE – October 19, 2012: Arbitron announced that the final release of TAPSCAN Web 11 is scheduled for Saturday, October 20. This will replace the current version (TAPSCAN 10.8); however, you will still have access to your saved schedules from 10.8 and older versions. Arbitron is offering live and on-demand training for TAPSCAN Web 11 through their website to help you with this transition. Our team of experts at Research Director, Inc. would also be happy to assist you with the new software.***

Later in 2012, Arbitron will be releasing the new TAPSCAN Web 11 (TAPSCAN 11.0.3) to replace the current 10.8 version, and the Beta version is now available on my.arbitron.com. TAPSCAN Web 11 will have the same functionality as the current version plus many new enhancements. It is highly recommended that you utilize this Beta version to become familiar with the new look and features, and also so that you will have the opportunity to provide Arbitron with feedback and questions.

Arbitron recently released a list of some of the new Research Report features available for you to try today on TAPSCAN Web 11 Beta:

  1. Save your report specs and reopen saved Research Reports
  2. Switch markets and keep applicable parameters
  3. Change multiple parameters at once before running your report
  4. Run multiple reports on the same parameters in one window
  5. Run up to three Research Reports in new windows and keep them open simultaneously – in addition to your schedule window

The new TAPSCAN Web 11 is expected to bring a multitude of new features that include even more enhanced Research Reports, as well as new Schedule and Accounts modules.

According to Arbitron, the new Schedule Module will include many of your favorite features from Maximi$er, Media Professional, TAPSCAN REACHMASTER, TAPSCAN Broadcast Orders, and SmartPlus.  The new Accounts Module will have the capability to store three types of account records (advertisers, agencies, and vendors), with the required information to create proposals and orders in future releases.

Other important features expected with the new TAPSCAN Web 11 release in late 2012 include:

  • Capability to print to PDF schedules, campaigns/proposals, or radio broadcast orders
  • Enhanced print options for printed schedule reports
  • Ability to create, edit, manage, and print radio broadcast orders
  • Ability to send electronic broadcast orders to MARKETRON Exchange

It should be re-emphasized that sometime in late 2012 (Arbitron has not confirmed an exact date yet), the current version (TAPSCAN 10.8) will go away and be replaced by TAPSCAN Web 11. This is all the more reason for everyone to get their feet wet now with TAPSCAN WEB 11 Beta.  Arbitron is now offering live and on-demand training on TAPSCAN Web 11 through their website (www.ArbitronTraining.com) and we at Research Director, Inc. would also be more than happy to help you with this transition!

-Morgan O’Connor, Production Specialist

Source:  Arbitron, Inc.