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Does Christmas Mean Gifts for Everyone?

December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving has come/gone and now, as we are hearing on a number of stations, it’s Christmas time. For some stations, switching to an “All Christmas” format could possibly mean “Yes.” Those gifts will come in the form of larger cumes and increased listening, which results in larger average quarter hour (AQH). Because of the increase, you will be able to charge higher rates. “All Christmas” format stations that are successful are similar to the Super Bowl for TV commercial spots.

However, you may have some negatives that come along with programming Christmas. A huge negative could possibly be pushing away some of your core audience. These listeners tune in to you because they enjoy the format you play more than 80% of the year. When out-of-format, these listeners now have the opportunity to find another station that they will possibly enjoy and may even like more than you. A suggestion to help prevent your core audience from straying during your “All Christmas” flip would be to utilize your Internet stream. By using your stream, you will still be holding on to your core audience vs. your listeners wandering off to another station and possibly becoming a core listener to the competition. Plus, by utilizing your stream, you will be able to sell advertisers on your core format, the format that you already know is favored by a great audience. This solution could possibly double your Christmas gifts!

So when contemplating “All Christmas,” weigh your positives and your negatives and make the decision that’s best for your station and your listeners. “All Christmas” will deliver an awesome gift of larger cumes and an audience that tunes in longer; however, once December 25th passes, those larger cumes and long tune-ins begin to disappear.

-Nakia Smith, Sr. Sales Research Consultant