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What If I’m 18-49 in a 25-54 World?

December 20, 2012

My last blog focused on the difference between 25-54 and 35-64 year-old consumers and ways 35-64 can compete in a 25-54 world. As a refresher, both of those groups share the 35-54 year-old segments, which left the difference of the 25-34 and 55-64 age cells.

But, what if you are 18-49 in a 25-54 world?  How do you compete there?

My advice in this scenario would be to place your focus on the 25-49 segment. Once again, I think you need to remind advertisers of what you are already delivering. Remember that 25-49 is a big portion of 25-54. I just scanned a handful of different markets and typically found that about 80% of 25-54 is made up of 25-49. So start off by showing your advertisers this breakdown for your market. The market median age may be another thing to take a look at. Is your market a younger market to begin with – does it fall in the low 40s, for example? Also, how well does your station’s median age mirror the market?

Next, take a look at the age composition of your station. Is most of your 18-49 year-old audience 25-49? Say for example, could the breakout of your 18-49 year-olds be 10% 18-24, 40% 25-34 and 50% 35-49? Just further proof that 25-49 is your primary focus. Also, take a look at how you rank within those segments. You may just find that while you are #3 25-49, that you are #1 25-34, 35-44, etc. And, don’t just look at your overall audience; take a look at the specific categories for your advertiser.

Also try running a profile for the advertiser category. You never know, it just might surprise you (and your advertiser) to find that his consumers are actually younger.
Still no luck?
You can run a market level 18-49 vs. 25-54 cross tab report in a variety of categories, and have the advantage of knowing exactly where 18-49 out-performs 25-54. Then, go after those advertisers with information in hand.  And, don’t forget that we at Research Director, Inc. are also here to help.

-Karen Blanks, Sales Research Consultant