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Reinforcing the Basics: Sales Takeaways from My Past Week Outside of Work

April 9, 2015

In almost any circumstance there’s an opportunity to sell. Perhaps it’s a product or service. It may be something as simple as assuring legitimacy or gaining trust. Regardless of the situation, there are most likely some selling tactics that can provide a benefit or two.

Here are three selling situations that I encountered this past week and my sales-related takeaways:

  1. Just Ask. If you know me personally, you know that I have an especially youthful look (if you don’t know me personally, you’ll probably be wondering “who brought their son?” when I say hello at the next RAB event). Every week, I grab some of the essentials from our local supermarket. The store hosts a “Round Up” program, where you can round up your bill to the nearest dollar for charity; a great way to give back. The only issue is, I’ve never had the chance to donate. I can see the cashier glance my way and instantly select “No” for the round up program. Heck, it happens so quickly that I don’t have enough time to read who the charity is! And that’s too bad, because I’d say yes every time. Spare my thirty cents to someone in need? Absolutely, take it every time. Just Ask.
  2. Be Passionate. In some situations, “just asking” may not cut it. That’s been the case lately when I’m buying dog food for my pup. During checkout, I’m routinely asked if I’d like to donate to help animals in shelter. There’s a particular woman whom is occasionally working, and when she asks for the donation, her tone suggests that it pains her to ask. She might as well say, “You don’t really want to do this, do you?” Her co-worker, on the other hand, is remarkably passionate. She’s always thrilled to help and has a genuine interest in being exceptional. When she asks for that same donation, count me in. It’s always encouraging to witness such contagious positivity. Be Passionate.
  3. Say Sorry (And Thank You). We’re all human. We all mess up at times, and we all have emotions. Don’t underestimate the power of showing how you feel. I coach a local varsity soccer team in my spare time, and this past Monday was our final game in a ten-week indoor soccer league. If you asked me two weeks ago, I would’ve told you that we’d never play in this league again. There were constant scheduling issues, and the refs were often late to the game. But then it happened … After our last game, the league organizer pulled our entire team aside for a moment. His first words we’re “I’m sorry.” He proceeded to explain the reasoning for this year’s issues in a heartfelt apology. Following his apology was genuine thanks for participating and an invitation to return in 2016. We’ve already signed up and placed the deposit. Say Sorry (And Thank You).

Not the most exciting week that I’ll ever have, but I think you get the point. Every day is full of opportunity. Take advantage of it!

-Tyler Plahanski, Sales and Marketing Associate