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Radio Is America’s #1 Mobile Mass Reach Medium

October 29, 2015

I figure I might as well lead with a headline that speaks for itself. It is true. Radio continues to be America’s #1 mobile mass reach medium.

However, let me not fool myself into thinking that one bold statement (in italics too) would be enough. As a radio research geek, I know that many people respond best to a visual representation of data. So I will keep this straightforward and simple in order for the message to be clear.

According to a recent report released by Advertiser Perceptions, with the help of our ratings friend Nielsen’s Total Audience Report for Q1 2015, more than nine out of ten (93%) Americans listen to radio. That equates to nearly ALL Americans still tuning to radio each week.


When we compare radio’s mobile reach to other forms of media or devices, radio can’t be beat.


Another myth about the demise of radio that happens to be circulating through the advertising rumor mill is that advertisers and agencies think the share of audio time spent with AM/FM radio is nearly the same as streaming. What we know and even I won’t dispute, is, sure, pure plays provide a unique and fun way to interact and listen to music. And, there are many people out there who are engaged and do appreciate the concept. However, fast forward to 2015 and guess what? Radio is just as strong as it ever was. The reality is AM/FM radio’s share is 9 times greater than Pandora and 17 times larger than Spotify.


And, to further BANG that nail in, AM/FM radio remains #1 among audio options.


Listeners continue to turn to radio for news, information, and entertainment – despite an ever-increasing selection of media options. Radio continues to be the #1 mass medium delivering audio content to passionate and loyal listeners. Whether in the car, at work, and especially at the crucial point of purchase time, radio can’t be beat for capturing on-the-go consumers who continue to rely on their favorite stations and DJs. And, now you have proof.

-Kathryn C. Boxill, Radio Sales Research Manager