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Can AARP Save Your Station?

December 3, 2015

We have heard it hundreds of times, from both sales managers and program directors; I will trade all of my 55+ listeners for just one Adult 25-54. As crazy as that sounds, everyone in radio knows why this is. Once a consumer turns 55, their value to advertisers plummets. A couple years ago I talked about my personal issue with the incredibly discounted value advertisers attribute to Adults 55+.

AARPThere may be a solution, or at least some hope for stations who appeal to Adults 55+. We know their value, but now there are a handful of agencies that are specifically targeting Baby Boomers.

AARP, those folks who reach out to you just before you turn 50, have created a marketing agency to help companies target products and service to consumers in this age bracket. AARP’s new agency, Influent50, was launched earlier this year. Dave Austin, managing director, says that Baby Boomers control the majority of disposable income, “but only 10% of marketing dollars are spent on them.”

Check out their website: www.influent50.com. There are some great statistics and case studies that show the value and spending power of Adults 50+. Another agency that is targeting this valuable segment of the population is BoomAgers (www.boomagers.com).

Can this help?

Yes, but only if radio broadcasters act. This is an opportunity for our industry, which is popular with Adults 50+, to receive value for this group of listeners. We now know that these two agencies are targeting this consumer group. We need to start a dialog so that advertisers understand the power of radio and why it is a great way to reach and influence this group.

Let’s take advantage of this opportunity. Please share your thoughts below.

-Charlie Sislen, Partner