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Doing More with Less – Get Used to It.

April 21, 2016

The 2016 All Access Worldwide Radio Summit was packed with some of the industry’s most recognized names and top talent.

During one particular session, Entercom’s Pat Paxton directed an important question towards his panel. Immediately following, the room filled with a sense of built-up frustration and pessimism.

Paxton’s question for the panel was in regards to marketing a radio station, specifically to those who are NOT currently tuning to your frequency. Soon afterwards, the panelists mentioned shrinking marketing budgets. One gentleman behind me muttered “what budget?” This most likely sums up how most of us feel about our ability to spend money on marketing efforts. With that said, we need to “get used to it” and get to work.

Many stations are quick to point out that their content is what they rely on in an effort to drive word-of-mouth mentions. Although content is King, we still need other outbound strategies. What good is your content if you don’t invite those who are unaware to the party? While we don’t have the marketing budgets that once existed, our ability to remain a local presence is more important than ever.

We have impactful on-air talent, promotions teams, creative people, and a passion for what we do. Don’t overlook the possibilities for your station’s success. Try different things. Invest time and thought into your marketing efforts. Create a powerful, relevant message. Reach the right people.

Gone are the days of throwing around our stations’ marketing dollars. It’s time to build something from scratch, and it’s time to “get used to it.”

Email me if you’d like to learn more about strategies we’re using with clients.

-Tyler Plahanski, Sales & Marketing Associate