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Believe in Something. Even if It Means Sacrificing Everything ….

January 8, 2019

Which could mean potentially losing business! Are you willing to stand as strong as Colin Kaepernick in your beliefs? Are you willing to lose that business because the client does not believe in the VALUE of your listeners? Are you going to cut the rate even though the data shows that your station is the best for clients because you just want the business?

Colin Kaepernick took a stand and believed in something. He became the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem to highlight racial injustice. In standing for something he has received criticism from Trump who has even gone as far as to say “Get that son of a bitch off the field.” In taking a stand, Colin Kaepernick knows now the meaning of the rest of the statement; even if it means sacrificing everything. To this day he has not been scouted, recruited, or received an offer from any NFL team in the league.

Are you willing to do this with your clients? When you know that your station, personalities, live-remotes, etc. have value or are you willing to walk away from the business! Radio has proven to have the highest reach among all media options. Radio reaches 9 out of 10 Americans 12+ every week; that’s 247 million every week. Radio reaches 32 million African-Americans 12+ and 42 million Hispanics 12+ every week. It has been proven that brand recall is greater when radio is added to the buy; radio complements other media options, period. Radio is engaging and interactive; 9 in 10 listeners actively engage with their local radio station. 7 in 10 have attended a radio station event. Radio personality testimonials help to drive radio listeners’ trust.

So with all that Radio has proven are you willing to sacrifice everything and let an advertiser know that a partnership with them may not be the best for your station? Are you willing to Just Do It!

-Nakia Smith, Sales Research Consultant