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Grow Your Live Reads Revenue by Changing a Single Word

April 30, 2019

For decades (yes, decades) radio has had the unique benefit of having local personalities reading advertisers’ messages live on the air. These live reads demand a premium and for many stations are a significant contributor to the station’s overall revenue. This is because these personalities have a relationship with the listeners and their endorsement builds tremendous one-to-one value to the listeners.

So what can a local sales rep or station do to maximize this important source of revenue?

As stated in the opening sentence, live read endorsements have been an opportunity for radio stations to grow their revenue for decades. Since then, the world of endorsements has evolved. Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and a major source of influence. With that a new endorser has emerged, and with that a new term – Influencers.

Influencers on YouTube and other social media platforms are not only endorsing various products and services, but they are also being paid for their vocal backing of a specific product or service. Why? Just like radio personalities, this endorser’s simple voice adds credibility to the product they mention.

Again, so what does a station have to do to increase this stream of revenue? The tool does not have to change. Having your personality talk up a product is incredibly valuable. However, it comes down to sounding more current to the target advertiser. Instead of talking about a personality’s live reads or endorsements, refer to your on-air staff as Influencers – because that is what they are.

Every time a trusted personality opens the mic and talks about an advertiser’s product, they are influencing the listeners to buy the product. At the very least they convey a favorable impression to the listeners towards this product. In other words, they are an Influencer.

Not only does using this term sound more current (and let us be honest, some advertisers diminish radio’s value because it is not considered “hip”), but it also allows the sales rep to take one of our great benefits and put it into a social media context.

Finally, make sure that your on-air personalities consider themselves Influencers. It will give them a new attitude and perspective to this task.

Need help growing your revenue? The Ratings Experts at Research Director, Inc. can help. Reach us at info@ResearchDirectorInc.com.

-Charlie Sislen, Partner