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Radio in a Time of Need

March 17, 2020

It may be an understatement to say that we are living in unusual times. Every American’s life has been disrupted and there is a real concern for what will happen next.

While it may seem minor compared to other events that are pressing right now, this is a time when radio, especially local radio, excels. It is important for everyone to realize that this is not business as usual, and our industry’s ability to adapt is the secret of our long-term success.

Radio can be the source of information and help people understand what is really going on. Radio’s flexibility to keep the local population informed about closings and emergencies is where our industry shines. Be the local resource that can provide essential and timely information … like where they can buy toilet paper (okay, that is just a joke).

We constantly see local radio as part of the community. Just recently with the disastrous tornados in Tennessee, broadcasters gathered resources and money to help those in need. While a virus may be different from a devastating tornado, radio is still invaluable. Helping get food (maybe from shutdown restaurants) to the hungry can make your local community better.

Let’s not forget about companionship. Having a place where people can still be entertained is crucially important. A local station having a call-in line where people are recorded talking about their experiences could make for tremendous radio. This will foster a community that will have a lasting effect.

Further, this is an opportunity for radio to also help the business community. Spotlighting clients (and non-clients) can help engage with the community. It can also provide lasting goodwill with current and potential advertisers.

While the entire country is experiencing this crisis, radio can be the local voice and conduit for its community. This is something the pureplays cannot do.

Now is the time for radio to rise to the occasion. To be a cohesive and informative resource. To reinforce our viability and importance as a communication medium.

So during this time of uncertainty, let’s show our listeners and our advertisers that we are part of the community and truly care about our local market.

It is what makes radio great.

Please share your thoughts below and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

-Charlie Sislen, Partner