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IBA – Its Time has Come

June 29, 2020

Recently, Ron Stone, president of Adams Radio Group, formed a new organization, Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA). While still in the formulation state, the launch of IBA should occur in the near future. I had the privilege of talking with Ron about the IBA.

Tell me about your new initiative, IBA.
The IBA will be designed to serve independent radio stations. The goal is to create an opportunity by using the scale of these independents stations as a group to help them grow. Presently, there are about 7,000 independent stations.

We want them to maintain their independence, but use the size of the group to get opportunities that they could not achieve by themselves.

What are you trying to achieve?
Through cooperative efforts, generate more revenue and cost efficiencies. We want the organization to:
1) Create new revenue streams through an unwired network and a new digital platform
2) Find as many cost saving mechanisms as possible to help the independents improve their bottom line.
3) Share best practices to help each other with unique ideas.

Who is your target member?
Any non-public owned radio station.

Do you have a time frame to launch this?
As soon as we have reached 3,000 interested stations we will get the ball rolling. We are now (as of June 24th) well above 2,500. Simply put, we are close to taking the next step.

What can broadcasters expect as members of IBA?
Service above self. This organization will be to serve the members, not the organization. They can expect almost immediate gratification from their membership. We have countless issues on the front burner and will be working on members’ behalf the day we launch!

How can broadcasters become involved?
Owners/operators that have a desire to be a member once the organization is launched can sign up, showing interest but making no commitment at this point at www.RadioIBA.org.

Research Director, Inc. applauds the soon-to-be launched organization. Often independent broadcasters are the primary voice to their local community. If successful, this organization will allow the broadcasters to keep their local independence, but use the size of the organization to take advantage of the economies of scale.

If you wish to reach Ron about the IBA, you can email him at RonStone@AdamsRadioGroup.com or broadcasters can sign-up at www.RadioIBA.org.

Below in the comments section, we invite you to share ideas that can help this organization provide support to independent broadcasters.

-Charlie Sislen, Partner