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Profiting from P&G’s Investment in Radio

August 14, 2020

Recently we have been hearing about Procter & Gamble’s investment in radio advertising. Since making some initial ad buys, P&G’s use of radio has exploded.

Much, if not all, of this revenue has consisted of network buys. While that helps various networks, the revenue rarely trickles down to the local stations. It will not impact the billing and commission of most local station sales reps.

However, P&G’s radio expenditures can help a local sales rep boost their billing with new clients, especially those who have not previously taken advantage of the power of radio advertising.


It comes down to three words: TELL THE STORY.

As one of the world’s biggest advertisers, P&G is well known for researching and tracking their advertising expenditures. They will:

  • Research an advertising outlet’s effectiveness
  • Test that outlet
  • Track and measure that outlet’s performance and its ROI

What does that say about their increase in expenditure in radio? Simply put, they tried radio and saw a great ROI. While the details of their research and measurement may not be public, just ask the question, “Would they have not significantly increased their expenditure on radio advertising if they had not seen a tremendous ROI?”

When potential advertisers question radio’s effectiveness, simply be prepared to outline P&G’s recent advertising history and how they have, almost overnight, become one of radio’s biggest advertisers. If radio is good enough for P&G, then isn’t it good for you?

Convince prospects to invest their advertising dollars in the same outlet that P&G has had great success with.

Read more about P&G’s previous success with radio advertising here and here.

-Charlie Sislen, Partner