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The More Things Change …

December 17, 2020

As any sports coach will tell you, the key to winning on a consistent basis is to master the fundamentals. Take baseball. Advanced analytics have introduced spin rate, launch angle, and WAR to the game. But, at its core, it is still about hitting the cutoff man, getting strike one, and moving the runner over.

This analogy holds true for radio, as well.

Last week, CUMULUS MEDIA/Westwood One and the Radio Advertising Bureau released a detailed and far reaching study on best practices for promotions and advertising. It contains a treasure trove of data that will make any Account Executive, Marketing Director, or Program Director much smarter and more effective.

Yet, at its core, it still comes down to radio’s tried and true fundamentals – reach and frequency.

Marketing has become more of a data play. Radio has been losing ground to digital media for far too long because we cannot provide the granularity available through platforms like Google Analytics. Despite the fact that we know that radio is a viable and effective advertising and marketing platform, we are often challenged to prove it.

Studies like the one cited above are a strong step towards levelling that playing field. We can now go inside the basic Nielsen numbers and devise more effective campaigns for two constituencies – advertisers and listeners.

In addition, the use of attribution platforms like LeadsRX and AnalyticOwl lend further credence to the effectiveness of radio advertising.

The Ratings Experts from Research Director, Inc. think it is time for radio to go on the offensive. Yes, 2020 has been trying. And, yes, we do not know what to expect in 2021. However, we do know that life – as in advertising and listening – will go on. It will likely morph into something different but the fundamentals of buying and selling will not change.

If you are reading this blog, know that radio works. It is a powerful medium. It can and does affect behavior. Now we can actually prove it. With data.

-Steve Allan, Programming Research Consultant