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Throwback Thursday

April 22, 2021

Given that we are The Ratings Experts, data sort of drives us. So, we were wondering exactly when and how the whole Throwback Thursday (#tbt) thing got rolling.

According to the always reliable Internet, it either became official in 2003 in the Urban Dictionary or in 2006 on a blog about sneakers.

Not a very thrilling story…

Nonetheless, it is a worldwide phenomenon on social media. And, since this is the year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Research Director, Inc., we thought we’d jump in with both virtual feet.

As 2021 unfolds, we will begin spotlighting the past on our various social media platforms.

Besides diving into our archives for pictures and trade ads and other unexpected nostalgia, we also plan on highlighting news and events from the last 30 years of radio.

Our industry has changed dramatically over the last three decades. We have matured from analog to digital. PDFs have replaced paper. In our corner of the industry, our reports have evolved from CD-ROMs and floppy discs to downloadable files. We have grown from an IBM 360 computer to a Dell server.

Radio has expanded from the 12-12-12 rule to virtually unlimited ownership. Competition has morphed from in-dash cassette and CD players to a plethora of web-based services. And, who would have ever thought “programmatic” buying would become a way to purchase air time?

Yet, through it all, radio has endured. Despite our lack of positive press, people still tune into terrestrial radio stations in their local markets every single day. According to Nielsen, 88% of Adults 18+ are reached by radio every single day.

Radio’s present is strong and our future holds endless possibilities. However, let’s not forget the past. Yes, it has been a long, strange trip but it has also been a lot of fun for those of us fortunate enough to consider radio our career.

Please join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as we stroll down memory lane. We’ll bring you many “blasts from the past.” We won’t play any oldies but there will be plenty of classic hits.

-Steve Allan, Programming Research Consultant