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They’re Back!

August 26, 2021

Events and appearances have always been a way for radio stations to separate themselves from the competition. Because of COVID, they suddenly stopped.

Simply put: THEY’RE BACK!

Lollapalooza in Chicago averaged about 100,000 attendees per day. Spectator stands at baseball games are filling up. Local community events are attracting crowds.

If you have not done so already, dust off your event strategy and jump back in. Most likely some of your competition already has.

While nobody can be certain of how COVID and the Delta variant will continue to change our lifestyles, the public still has a pent-up desire to “do stuff.” Be a part of their solution.

For those stations that still have a marketing team, make sure the event calendar is full. For programmers who do it themselves, build and fill in the event calendar. Your vans can’t help you if they’re sitting in the station parking lot.

While some events, like Lollapalooza, require big commitments, many other events can be done with a minimal budget. With a savvy sales team, you can generate revenue for an event that may just cost gas (to get the station van there) and the cost of your street team.

They say showing up is half the battle. So show up. Reinforce your brand, and make sure those attending know you’re a part of the community. Remember, many of our audio and digital competitors do not have a local presence. Being a part of events, especially community events, creates brand affinity and separates you from the competition.

It’s important to make sure that each event is right for your station. If you’re unsure and you have access, use local qualitative research. Most reports give you the ability to see if a particular type of event will attract the type of audience that listens to your station.

Finally, it can be advantageous to tie in local advertisers. Your station grows its audience while also enhancing its top and bottom line with new advertising dollars. You will be offering an advertiser a valuable opportunity no one else can. It’s a win for the station and the advertiser.

-Charlie Sislen, Partner