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Radio’s Secret Weapon

February 9, 2022

Radio as a medium has several strengths. Reach, frequency, and immediacy are the first to come to mind. It also reaches people closest to the point of purchase, as they can listen on their way to the store. What strength does Radio have that other media do not have and cannot have? It’s that PERSONAL CONNECTION to the audience. That’s our secret weapon!

I have never heard anyone say “My TV station … ” or “My newspaper … ” or “My (insert other media) ….” Yet, people will say “My radio station ….” Think about it. How do people refer to their media preferences? Is there a personal connection? You don’t usually hear people refer to TV as a favorite or mine.

So how do I show this connection or loyalty of my listeners? Testimonials are great. Capture some posts from your social media that show how much your listeners love your station and why. If you conduct focus groups, you will also be able to capture some nuggets from their comments.

Can I show this connection or loyalty with audience research? Yes – here are two simple ways:

  1. Exclusive Cume – Exclusive means that only your radio station can reach these people because they do not listen to any other radio station. Show the biggest number possible by using Persons 6+ (or 12+) for the total week.
  2. P1 listeners – P1 means First Preference, which shows that you are the station they listen to most often. This usually means that you are their favorite, yet be aware that not all listening is by choice; they might be exposed to a radio station that they did not choose. Can you document that the majority of your listeners are P1s? This shows loyalty. It also means the potential for higher frequency of the advertiser’s message as the listener spends more time with your station. Longer time spent listening means more chances to hear multiple ads. Look at P1s for both Cume and AQH and determine your best story.

Whenever I travel, I am so happy to get home to “My Radio Station.” It’s familiar, it’s like having a conversation with a friend. That connection and engagement do not exist with other media. It’s time to spread the word and tell the world about Radio’s secret weapon – the PERSONAL CONNECTION!

We can help you tell your story. Reach out to us here.

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services