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Make a GREAT impression with Gross Impressions

March 3, 2022

Radio has struggled to convey the benefits of a radio campaign in a simple manner. Reach, frequency, GRPs, and CPP can be very confusing … and what does all this really mean for the advertiser? How can we simplify Radio’s benefits for an advertiser? This is where Gross Impressions can be advantageous.

Gross Impressions help to answer a critical question: How many times will my advertising message be heard? Digital advertising has advanced the usage of Gross Impressions (GI) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) over the last several years, so potential Radio advertisers are familiar with these concepts. Let’s break down these terms to ensure we make a great impression.

Gross Impressions reflects the total number of times a commercial is heard – not how many different people. The basic math is your AQH Persons multiplied by the number of spots. Don’t worry – Tapscan does the math for you when you create a schedule and select this estimate for your report. This usually creates a big number, especially when you use a broad demo such as P12+ or A18+. By using a broad demo, you provide the advertiser with the biggest picture of their radio campaign delivery.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM) is used to demonstrate cost efficiencies. It represents the cost of delivering 1,000 impressions – for the commercial to be heard 1,000 times. Since this is typically a low number, it puts Radio and your stations in a favorable position. We will cover CPM in more detail in a future Hot Topic.

Radio is trending toward an increase in the use of GI and CPM because it allows for a more apples-to-apples comparison across different media. Simply put, an impression is an impression. It demonstrates the exposure of an advertising message for any media platform.

By using Gross Impressions and Cost Per Thousand, you can position your station or cluster as an outlet that delivers the advertiser’s message frequently and at a low cost … thus making a great impression!

For more info, reach out to us here. We also invite you to share about your own station’s transition to selling with Gross Impressions by commenting below!

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services