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Back to Basics: Determining the Right Schedule to Achieve the Advertiser’s Goal – Basic Scheduling Concepts

June 9, 2022

Reach and Frequency are the pillars of any ad campaign. Which one is more important? It depends on the advertising goals and the buying cycle of the advertiser’s product. Let’s consider a few scenarios starting with the grand opening of a store. Do they need high reach, high frequency, both, or neither?

Scenario 1: For the Grand Opening of a new store, you want to tell as many different people as possible (reach) and as many times as possible (frequency). High Reach and High Frequency. What about length of your ad campaign? This is generally a short period of time leading up to the grand opening (4-6 weeks). Consider loading up spots throughout the days, nights, and weekends so you can reach your full audience and with a minimum frequency of 3, preferably 5 or more. Goal: High Reach, High Frequency, Short-term schedule.

Scenario 2: What type of advertising goals do we have for a mortgage company? This advertiser has a more targeted, niche product offering so they would not need a high Reach campaign. They also don’t need a high frequency of message. What they do need is a long-term ad campaign to create top of mind for when the target consumer is ready and in need of a mortgage. Think of this as a maintenance schedule. You always want to be on the air in light rotation and frequency to keep your name out there. Goal: Low Reach, Low Frequency, Long-term schedule (ongoing).

Reach is a higher priority with a new product or service. Concentrating on Reach is also more effective with a broad demographic.

Frequency is more important when there is a tough competitor for the advertiser and/or they want to establish themselves as an industry leader. Frequency is most important for a narrowly defined audience within a very specific demographic.

Reach and Frequency (and length of campaign) are the pillars of a good campaign. With knowledge of basic concepts, you are better positioned to create a schedule that will help the advertiser achieve their goals … and help you be their hero! Check out our Back to Basics article next month for some more great basic tips.

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-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services