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Back to Basics: Nielsen Audio eBook

November 17, 2022

How much do you know about your market? Do you know how your market has changed by demo, county, or ethnicity? Who are the top employers in the market?

I have great news for you. You can get all this information, plus much more, in one single source.

The Nielsen Audio eBook is a wealth of information. Simply log into the Nielsen Portal and click on Nielsen Audio eBook. You can view online or download a PDF version of the eBook.

This resource contains some very important information about your market, as well as radio and other media. Here are a few of my favorite sections and what you can garner from them.

In the Listener Estimates section (found on the Nielsen Portal, but not included in the downloadable PDF eBook), you will find Cume Duplication and Ethnic Composition for P12+ total week. Cume Duplication tells you the audience sharing between two radio stations. Which stations share the most with each other? Look to see which stations have the highest percentage of sharing with your stations. Those are your main competitors – competing for time with your audience. Ethnic Composition shows you which stations reach different ethnic groups more efficiently (higher percentage).

Special Notices and Station Activities indicates which stations that simulcast also have Total Line Reporting, any recent metro definition changes, and any recent survey procedure changes.

The Market Info section provides you with the most important data about your market. This is where you will spend most of your time. There are four main sections:

  1. Market Map – A county map of your market.
  2. Population Estimates & Sample Summary/Diary Placement – Data provided for counties, demos, ethnicity, and language preference.
  3. Station Information – Detailed stats for each radio station based on call letters, frequency, power, signal, etc.
  4. Metro Market Profile – This is the big kahuna for a deeper dive into your market stats.
    • Household data – Household size, rent, household income, home value, average commute time to work, etc.
    • Group quarters – Represents military, university, and other group housing.
    • Ethnic population – See the breakdown of each demo by ethnicity.
    • Sales data – Shows how much money is spent in your market for the top business categories. Which ones are driving your local economy?
    • Top 10 Employer Industries – These industries also drive your local economy. Also great opportunities for recruitment advertising!
    • Magazines and newspaper circulation
    • Radio TSL/Radio 24-hour Cume – Color graphs for Persons, Men, and Women by key demos. Great facts to have in your briefcase. 🙂

We hope this has encouraged you to check out the Nielsen Audio eBook for your market. Create a list of your market facts so they will be at your fingertips to refresh yourself before a meeting or include in a presentation. We are always here to help…good luck!

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services