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Hot Categories for 2023

February 2, 2023

Are you prepared for the hot categories for this year? Do you know what categories will be strong for your market and station? Some of the top categories expected to be strong in 2023 include Technology, Education, Auto Repair, and Healthcare. Are you ready to show advertisers the value of partnering with your station(s) to help them grow their business?

Nielsen Scarborough is a great source to prove your audience is perfect to reach an advertiser’s target consumer. Let’s look at the specific ways you can profile your stations for each of the top categories.

Technology: (particularly cybersecurity)
For this category, you can profile the technology items in the home (smart home system, etc.), ways listeners used internet for technology news, and if they participate in company decisions for IT (network/internet). Focus your profile to show that your audience is tech savvy in general and then get more specific depending on the advertiser.

Education: (higher education as well as vocational/trade schools)

  • Plans to go back to school/college, etc.
  • Attending adult education classes
  • Taking online courses
  • Internet used for career development or research schools

Auto Repair: (both body work and mechanical)
First, profile your audience for number of vehicles in the household and age of the vehicles (model year of vehicles). This demonstrates that they are in need of service and repair. You can also profile your station’s listeners for auto repair services in the past year.


  • Medical services used past 3 years
  • Hospitals used past 3 years
  • Actions taken as a result of health ads
  • Current health description
  • Specialists used past year
  • Medical items bought on the internet
  • Ways used internet – health information, medical services/info

As you build your station profile for each of these categories, also include market data to define the category and potential consumers for the advertiser. You can get this information by selecting Base Persons and % of Base in your Tapscan qualitative report.

Some advertisers will need a creative approach to match characteristics found in Scarborough to their target consumer. We are experts at doing just this, and we would love to help you. Reach out to us here.

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services