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Profiling Your Listeners – Part II

August 3, 2023

There is a wealth of information about radio station listeners through which we can create basic profiles of our audience. So how do you determine what type of information to include in your profile?

At Research Director, Inc. we are experts at finding the right nuggets to profile your audience. We are the Ratings Experts after all. In a prior blog, we focused on using quantitative data. In other words, the “how many” aspects of your audience. In this blog, we will focus on the qualitative aspects that help us document the “quality” of your audience. Whether you subscribe to The Media Audit, Nielsen Scarborough, or any other dataset, you have a plethora of information from which to select for your profile. We suggest the following to include:

  1. Socioeconomic characteristics. Who are they? Profile your listener by age, gender, education, household income, household size, number of kids, employment, etc. Look at all of the characteristics and determine what represents the majority of your listeners. Based on what you find, you might want to write a typical listener statement such as “Our typical listener is an Adult 25-54, who is college-educated, married, with kids in the household, employed full-time in a managerial or professional occupation, and with an above-average household income.”
  2. Consumer Behavior. What are they buying? Start with looking at categories that have “plan to buy.” This will give you a prospecting list for sales. It can also give you a picture of their stage in life. Are they young adults who are in the gathering mode (buying their first home, etc.) or are they empty-nesters who might be downsizing and spending more time with leisure activities? What items or services they have bought in the past year also help to describe your audience.
  3. Leisure Activities. What are they doing? What activities are most prevalent? Do they attend concerts, theaters, museums, sporting events, etc.? Or maybe they play the lottery or go to casinos? These are also lifestyle characteristics. This will also give you some ideas for promotions and contests.
  4. Media habits. How do we reach them? Analyze other media usage beyond radio. Are they listening to podcasts? How much time do they spend with other media? What type of TV programs do they watch? You will gain a sense of what your listeners are all about and how to best reach them.

Do you need a little help with your profile? We are here for you – just give us a call or reach out. This is what we do best.

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services