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Re-Introducing the Nielsen Bulletin Board

November 9, 2023

One of the largest line items in any radio station’s budget is labeled “Nielsen”.  Whether you’re in a diary or a PPM market it is important to know what changes are occurring with the ratings process. Nielsen is very open about this and releases both proprietary (Client Only) and public information.

Nielsen is also as open as possible with how the ratings process is evolving. No, they won’t reveal things like the participant incentives. What they do reveal is important and you need to be aware of it.

That is why we have created the Nielsen Bulletin Board on our website. With all the tasks the modern programmer/manager faces, it is not unusual for an email to fall through the cracks. You should be checking out, for example, the pre-survey bulletin. It’s a quick read and often contains a nugget about the current survey that will help you better interpret the data. If you can’t find the email or locate this in your Nielsen portal – we have the solution.

As you are aware, Nielsen recently went through a serious RIF. Radio has been doing more with less for decades. Now it’s Nielsen’s turn. We are confident that the ratings process will not be compromised in any way and that things will remain as they are. However, with fewer people handling more markets, you may experience some increased wait times.

We are poised to fill that gap. The Nielsen Bulletin Board is a service we gladly provide for the industry.

We go a step further for our clients. One of the many services we provide is being a sort of Nielsen whisperer. As we always advise, you are not paying Nielsen for ratings … you are paying for sample. We make sure you are getting what you pay for.

This is really all about proportionality. In a perfect world, every demographic and sampling unit would index at 100. With all the variables involved, that is a pipe dream – no research company can accomplish that feat.

Here’s a helpful hint. Any index between 90 and 110 is optimal, 80 to 120 is acceptable. Any index outside those ranges is problematic. A high index means there are more meters/diaries, but they are weighted down. A low index means the opposite.

We do provide these insights to our clients, but you can also figure this out by looking at your e-book.

You can check out the Nielsen Bulletin Board here. Bookmark it and check in every survey.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in deciphering all the data, we’re here to help.

-Steve Allan, Programming Research Consultant