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Politics in Black

March 14, 2024

Voting for Black Americans doesn’t start at the polls on Election Day. There is a sense of responsibility and pride that goes into the process leading up to voting day. Politics in the Black community is one that comes with a lot of deep history that includes systemic barriers like gerrymandering that decreased the voting engagement in minority populations. Since the civil rights era, Black political activism and participation earned Black Americans some political and economic gains.

In today’s political climate, local and national politicians are looking to meet voters “where they are.” The proven and trusted medium for reaching Black voters is AM/FM radio. Radio listenership among Black voters stand at 83%, which exceeds the 77% who watch broadcast TV, based on recent Nielsen Audio/Nielsen Scarborough studies.

According to Laura Clark, SVP, Political & Government Sales for Urban One Inc., this election year is deemed one of the most important for minority voters. Black and brown voters are expected to make up a large share of the Democratic coalition, but many feel disenfranchised about the issues facing their communities, such as the economy, healthcare, education, and voter rights. Candidates should take the time to speak organically to Black voters about their concerns. Also, voter turnout will be key, so it’s extremely important to connect on the issues important to communities of color.

Black voters could play an important role in determining the outcome of key 2024 elections, including for U.S. president. In Georgia, a closely watched swing state, Black Americans account for a third of eligible voters.

Black voters are dedicated radio listeners. Black media is the most trusted media. Advertising early and often, right up to Election Day, can push your candidate over the finish line by engaging Black voters via their favorite medium.

-Caprisa Hooper, Client Services Consultant