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Boost Your AQH

Boost Your AQH

While you cannot eliminate commercial breaks, proper placement is vital. Two things are at work here. First, how can you take advantage of your competition’s breaks?  Second, are you maximizing the number of minutes you are getting in each quarter hour? Remember, you need five minutes in a quarter hour for Nielsen credit.

The point is you don’t need to guess which content is working and which is not. There are tools available for you to do these comparisons yourself. We’ve been successfully using our Ratings Booster service to help our clients quickly identify their opportunities for ratings growth. It’s got color coding and other visual features to make it easy to see where the ratings are over-performing and, more importantly, where they are underperforming.

For the station shown in this example, the red cells show that the format group loses audience at 6:00A, as does the station. This happened in the most recent month, the prior month, and an average of all the prior months, so it is a repeating pattern. The green cells show the format group rebounding at 6:45A, but the station doesn’t. That is an area that needs some focus.


In the end, you can see if audience loss is across the entire format group or if it is focused on your station.  The same can be said for gains – are you getting your fair share?

If you would like a demonstration on exactly how this works, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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