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Holiday Matters

Holiday Matters

The Ratings Experts from Research Director, Inc. have developed two tools that can help you find this information.

Our EXACT AGE and HOT ZIP reports can tell you which demos and geos left your station AND where the Christmas station saw its biggest gains.

Armed with that information – on a historical basis – you could, for example, look at your pre-Holiday reports to determine your biggest listening cells and locations. This would allow you to see if they left AND if Santa’s station picked up their listening.

What’s more, come January and February, you can see if those cells and areas returned to your station.

Is this a foolproof system? No. Panel change can be a big determiner here.

However, instead of playing the guessing game, you can use the data to better inform your strategy and decisions moving forward.

If you would like to set up a free consultation to discuss how the EXACT AGE and HOT ZIP reports can help your station, please fill out the form below.

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