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How Is Your Nielsen Metro Changing?

How Is Your Nielsen Metro Changing?

So this year is the same as 2010? When you were using your iPhone 4 to tell a friend about Toy Story 3 while listening to Celo Green’ “F___ You” on the radio.

And, that 35-44 target listener of yours is now in the 45-54 cell.

Despite all of this, the data in the 2021 population update is very important.

Why? Because Nielsen is using it to determine how your market’s sample will be allotted.

That’s why it is important to dive into the numbers. What has changed? Is your potential core larger or smaller?

Most importantly – is the sample in your market keeping up with the times?

The U.S. Census Bureau releases data from each decennial Census in waves. Those waves allow Nielsen to use the new census for some of the demographics (for example, maybe age and ethnic but not geographic). So, in the early years of each decade, they implement some of the data rather than none, then adjust again based on what’s available the following year.

This is the kind of stuff we revel in. We’re data geeks. But, more than that, we also have the experience and knowledge base to help you put these changes into perspective.

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