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How to increase ratings with zero marketing budget

How to increase ratings with zero marketing budget

AQH is based on Cume and Time Spent Listening (TSL or as it is known in PPM world – AWTE).

Drawing Cume to your radio station is hard and can be expensive.

Affecting TSL/AWTE is something you can impact right now.


TSL/AWTE depends on two things:

  • Occasions – How many times someone tunes in to your station.
  • Durations – How long they listen each time.

The reality is that durations are relatively static. However, how often someone tunes into your station is a variable.

Getting someone to listen five days a week instead of four or visiting multiple dayparts is what is commonly referred to as recycling.

In order to develop a strategy for TSL/AWTE growth, you need to know the facts.

Our Instant Answer report can deliver those facts to you every month.

Knowing where tune-in is strongest can help you lead those listeners to softer dayparts. Each added occasion will increase your TSL/AWTE, which WILL increase your ratings.

The “how” is part of the art of programming.

The “what” is where The Ratings Experts from Research Director, Inc. can make the difference.

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