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Targeting the Listeners Who Have Impact

Targeting the Listeners Who Have Impact

In this day of reduced budgets, it is important that every marketing dollar be spent efficiently. Reaching those in your market that can have the most impact on your success is critically important. That is why Research Director, Inc. created its Hot Zip Report. With this report, a broadcaster can focus on the listeners who matter most so that you can grow your ratings.

Knowing where your listeners live can help in numerous ways. You can execute direct mail and digital marketing campaigns without wasting money on geographic segments that will likely not deliver results. You’ll know where to send your street teams, and even what neighborhoods should get a shout-out when your on-air staff mention specific areas of the market. Get creative and you’ll find even more ways to get value out of this report.

For every zip code in the market, you will know how many survey participants live there. More importantly, you will know the Hot Zips for not only your station, but also any format groups you designate and all reported stations in the market.

This indispensable report can be produced on any standard demographic group that you wish to target.

What makes this report even more valuable is that each report can be done on a single survey and then trended for an entire year. That way you measure not only the impact of your strategy, but also have the knowledge to adjust your marketing campaign as things in the market change.

It does not matter whether you plan to play offense (go after your competitors’ listeners) or defense (protect your cume and get them to listen longer) – the Hot Zip Report can make a difference.

This report is just one in our arsenal of actionable programming tools. Geographic segmentation, used in concert with our other segmentation tools, will save marketing dollars and have a measurable impact on your ratings.

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