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Three Ways to Increase Station Ratings in 2015

Three Ways to Increase Station Ratings in 2015

Get the Answers to Your Questions as Quickly as Possible

If you’re in a PPM market, this is especially important. You must evaluate the mounds of data Nielsen provides and know what’s happening with your station, competition, and the market. Beyond that, you’ll need a plan to implement going forward. This plan can often adjust after each book, but that’s only if you dedicate the resources necessary to be constantly “in the know.”

Know Where the Listeners Live

And I’m not just referring to looking up your un-weighted quarter-hours for each zip code using limited demos. Where are the listeners located, and what type of AQH, cume, share, and TSL are they contributing? What zip codes are not only favorable to your station, but also to your format? What percent of format listening does your station earn in each zip code? Is it above or below your overall format market share? If you can’t answer these questions, then there’s certainly room to improve your ratings.

Know Your Value

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a PD, GM, or other executive. Are you still spending hours out of your day sifting through the ratings? If so, consider other options, such as having an assistant pull topline reports or outsourcing the research. You’ve proven your worth to reach your current role, and your talent far exceeds that of pulling Tapscan reports. There’s good reason the general isn’t on the frontlines.

If you think that your station can improve on any of the three points listed above, fill out the request below and let us show you what we’re all about. Research Director, Inc. is currently offering a complimentary ratings review. Take us up on it…we look forward to showing your station’s true potential.

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