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To TLR or Not to TLR

To TLR or Not to TLR

First, some basic math. A ratings point translates into real revenue. That ratings number is based on listening. (Thank you Captain Obvious.)

If you go inside the numbers you will find that the ratings you see are usually not the ratings you have. Why? Rounding.

For example, a station with a 0.4 rating is actually somewhere between a 0.350 and a 0.449. What if that station’s small stream AQH was enough to push that 0.449 to a 0.451? That would give the station a 0.5 rating. Putting it another way, that would be a 25% increase in the station’s ratings.

The Ratings Experts from Research Director Inc. have a product called Ratings Booster. This will show your station’s ratings to four decimal places. What’s more, it will show you exactly how much additional AQH you need to go to the next ratings point. We do this for both total week and individual dayparts.

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