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Was It Christmas Music?

Was It Christmas Music?

Traditionally, programmers see their stations in competition with others of a similar format. Music usually drives that, as so many CHR, Hot AC, and even AC stations overlap their playlists.

However, no radio station exists in a vacuum and few radio listeners are chained to a single genre.

Sometimes, the group of stations you share with has more to do with demography, or utility, than it does music.

This is where Format Tracker from Research Director, Inc. proves to be so valuable.

We take your station and group it with your most likely sharing stations (based on your recommendations).

Then, we look how that particular ratings “sphere of influence” has changed over time. Are your numbers down because one of your competitors gained share? Or, has the size of your group gotten smaller?




Format Tracker helps you understand where your key audience is (or is not) going. It is another weapon in the programmer’s arsenal to help you better understand the ratings.

Learn more about this revolutionary way to look at station ratings by filling in the form below.

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