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Where Are They?

Where Are They?

Why is it important to know where your listeners live? Two simple reasons.

  1. Marketing. Don’t snicker. In today’s digital marketing age you can reach your listeners through a variety of cost-effective platforms. Chances are your company is already using – and selling – those to clients.
  2. Content. The Ratings Experts at Research Director, Inc. would never suggest you program your station to a small, select group of listeners. However, with all things being equal, acknowledging certain geographic areas with your on-air product can make you more listener-friendly.

Going beyond county and city, zip codes allow the most granular segmentation of your audience. So what makes a good hot zip analysis? There are several elements.

  • Are you looking at the right listeners? Zeroing in on the demo that matters means you’re not marketing to zip codes that aren’t important to you.
  • How many meters were in each zip code? The more meters, the more you have a chance to impact your reported ratings in a particular zip code.
  • Are the estimates weighted? To truly understand how listening from each zip code is affecting your ratings, you need to look at weighted estimates that actually represent what you see in your monthly report.
  • Is it timely? Panel members come and go. Studying the most recent meterkeepers assures you that you’re going after the live fish.
  • What is the competitive landscape by zip code? You want to know where your format group’s listeners live and how your station is doing relative to the other stations in your format group.
  • Is super heavy listening having a huge impact on you or another station in your market? Having AQH, cume, and TSL estimates paints a more complete picture.
  • How do this month’s hot zips compare to last month’s? Trending this zip code information helps put it into context so you can track changes over time.

Research Director, Inc.’s HOT ZIP REPORT gets a check mark in each of these areas. It gives you a clear, timely, and comprehensive picture of where your listeners reside, along with your format group, your competitors, and every other station in the metro.

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