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Where Has the Time Gone?

Where Has the Time Gone?

Three tips for achieving success:

  1. Set Weekly Activity Goals

    In many cases, activity is a direct link to success. There’s a slew of studies that prove those with written goals are more likely to achieve them. On a short-term basis, focus on activities such as making a certain number of sales calls or providing unsolicited value to a certain number of clients. If you focus on activity, the results will come.

  2. Use a Time Tracker

    Let’s face it, you’re human. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we’re doing everything right, regardless of the available proof (or lack thereof). Using a time tracker will give you an idea of where your time is going and allows you to be more aware of what might need attention. I used Harvest for 6 months to get an idea of where my time was spent and gained some solid insights. They also offer a free trial period.

  3. Team Up!

    Find someone who is as committed to success as you are and combine your efforts. Use one another to hold yourselves accountable. This could be a spouse, friend, co-worker, or mentor. Bottom line is, don’t keep your goals to yourself. If you share them with others who want to see you succeed, you have a much better shot at doing so.

    Take these strategies seriously and you can find yourself making big waves in 2017. Want some additional help with your sales or programming efforts? Give the Ratings Experts a shot. Our success with hundreds of stations from coast to coast is no accident.

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