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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Some Impressive “Power of Radio” Stories from Arbitron

June 19, 2012

We have been impressed with the variety of impactful new sales materials that Arbitron has been adding to its website, demonstrating the power of radio.  Have you seen these and added them to your arsenal of pro-radio stories?

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3pm Hour

June 5, 2012

Question: What is it about the 3pm hour that often makes it radio’s most listened-to time on the weekdays?

Answer:  In PPM markets, the 3pm hour is frequently radio’s biggest in terms of Average Quarter-Hour audience on weekdays.   This isn’t the case in every market, and it certainly can vary from survey to survey.  But we frequently see 3pm at the “top of the charts” and it begs the question…why?  What is it about that hour of the day that pushes radio’s overall listening levels to daily heights?

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Radio Connects with “Green” Consumers

June 3, 2012

These days, an environmentally-conscious mentality has become the trend.  This is a great opportunity for Radio, as our industry has been challenged to help our advertisers connect with the eco-friendly consumer, and to highlight radio’s tremendous ability to reach these individuals.

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