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Finding an Impactful Sales Story for Every Prospect

July 19, 2012

Media buyers can be divided into two groups: Those who want to make quality buys at the lowest cost per point.  And, those who want to buy at the lowest cost per point.  It is our hope that making a quality buy should always be the buyer’s goal.

You have just received a Request for Proposal (RFP).  So now where do you start?  How are you going to show the value of your station(s) and have it/them stand above the rest?

Yes, the key is pricing the schedule perfectly in order to get on the buy and hopefully get the bigger share.  But, another strategy is to take the focus off price and put the attention on how the station can add value for the client.  You can always sell the station’s quantitative audience, but what are the key qualities of your radio station(s) that you can illustrate to convince advertisers of the value of buying your station(s) through the use of qualitative research?

Radio stations can be judged in various ways by advertisers.  Does your station reach their target demographic group?  Do your listeners have the income to purchase their products or services?  Do your listeners even have an interest in their products or services?   Because, outside of CPP, when you can demonstrate that your station’s listeners also participate in the desirable lifestyle for that advertiser, then you’ve further proven your value.  In addition, advertisers should want to know why they should advertise on your station based on lifestyle.  Here’s how you can educate them:

  • Age/Gender – Demonstrate that your station(s) reach(es) with greater efficiency the age group and gender the advertiser needs.
  • Consumer Profile – By presenting how strong your station is within the prospect’s industry and/or particular store, you are able to make a strong case for your station(s).  With the use of Scarborough or The Media Audit, show the advertiser that your station’s audience closely matches the product or store category in qualitative information.
  • Station Profile – Demonstrate how strong your station is versus the market or other stations in the market.  For example, if your prospect is a furniture store, show that your listeners shop, make purchases or are planning to make purchases at furniture stores.  Show that they are making high dollar expenditures on furniture.  Show that they are strong for shopping/making purchases at their particular store.

Now you have enough ammunition to go out and sell the station(s) and combat any objections.  Here’s your chance to provide presentations that can make the difference between you and your competitor(s) and let your station(s) shine above your competition, getting on every single buy with, perhaps, an even larger share.  Because, a quality buy will deliver your prospect their desired results cost effectively.

-Kathryn Boxill, Sr. Sales Research Consultant/Customer Service Director