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Nielsen’s Newest Tool to Help Radio

March 5, 2019

The following statement could be directly from Captain Obvious: For radio to grow, it needs to attract new advertisers to our medium. One obvious source of new advertisers is broadcast television. Targeting those advertisers who dedicate 100% of their broadcast budget to television is key for radio’s future growth.

For this reason, Research Director, Inc. has started a series of essays on the steps it takes for radio to grab some new revenue from existing television advertisers. Updated every other week, the first few essays can be found on Research Director, Inc.’s website here, and will be updated regularly.

While this insight is hopefully valuable, Nielsen is launching a new tool that will further help radio get the attention of those advertisers who are spending 100% of their broadcast budget with television. Local Media Impact is now available to Nielsen clients in the top 25 DMAs.

The concept is simple but effective. What happens to an advertising campaign’s reach and frequency when a portion of the TV budget is shifted to radio? In many cases the advertiser will get both a higher reach and better frequency for the same dollars. After seeing this, the question is obvious; why not shift some of your TV dollars to radio?

Local Media Impact uses not only the Nielsen Audio PPM and Nielsen TV data, but can also utilize the local Scarborough report. This allows the radio rep to customize the target audience beyond the basic demographic groups and examine qualitative target groups. Used properly, to the right audience, this tool can make the difference between making your budget and hoping to make your budget. It can also make you less dependent on the same advertisers that are presently using your radio station.

Need more information? Feel free to contact the Ratings Experts at Research Director, Inc. at info@ResearchDirectorInc.com.