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How to Find Local Content

December 9, 2021

The world is hungry for content. This is especially true for radio stations. They need content to cascade out of the speakers, on every single social media platform, on the website, in podcasts, etc. The beast must constantly be fed.

Radio stations are also focused on being local. Getting a million views on a TikTok video is great for the ego, but does it boost the local brand? Is it what your fans really care about?

There is a source that savvy Content/Brand/Program Directors can mine for ideas. It’s called Scarborough. This is a resource sales departments have been using for years. It allows you to get an up-close-and-personal look at things that are of interest to listeners (and advertisers).

Release 2 of Scarborough for 2021 has started releasing already and all markets will be available by the end of the year. There’s the usual set of categories that focus on activities, interests, travel, etc. There have also been some changes:

  • A new measurement entitled “Tried to quit using nicotine products past 12 months.”
  • They added Truly brand to the question: “Hard seltzers drank past 30 days/most often.”
  • There is a ton of information on app usage, website visits, and audio streaming. And, of course, social media.
  • Are your fans into gaming? Scarborough can tell you.
  • It can also tell you what your audience is shopping for/buying online.
  • There is tons of lifestyle-based information from career development and do-it-yourself advice to genealogy to meal planning.
  • What kind of video content are they looking for? Cartoons or how-to videos?

This just scratches the surface of what Scarborough provides. Savvy content producers will add this to their tool kit. It will help them develop content that is more relevant to the consumers of their product as well as the competition’s.

It enables radio to enhance not only its best feature but a big competitive advantage over other audio platforms – being local.

Work in sales? See our next blog.

-Steve Allan, Programming Research Consultant