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Selling with New Scarborough Categories

December 14, 2021

Are you looking for new ways to prospect and pitch local business? Are you wondering how you will hit your sales goal?

The answer is Scarborough’s new data.

The new Scarborough Release 2 2021 has updated categories that can be used for several sales opportunities. Here are some highlights and how to use this information in your selling efforts.

  • A new measurement entitled “Tried to quit using nicotine products past 12 months” – Perfect for all the New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking. Drug stores, quit smoking programs, etc. are all great prospects.
  • Lots of new information on ways used internet/apps and items shopped/bought on the internet, as well as social media. All of these can show the benefit of adding digital to a radio campaign. What are your listeners buying on the internet? Prospect these businesses.
  • Expanded lifestyle-based information for Career Development. Perfect for recruitment advertising – especially in this tight labor market. Combine this information with the other job search info included in Scarborough to create a compelling case for your station. You will find this under ways used internet/apps. Here are some ways you can use research in your presentation.
    • “Our station delivers those focused on their career development! Almost 1 out of 3 listeners (30%) have used the internet/apps in the past month for career development. That’s over 144,000 potential employees. Our listeners are also 25% more likely than the market average to have used the internet last month for their career development.”
    • The above text uses % of target, target persons, and Index to demonstrate the power of your station to reach potential emloyees.
  • Items added to Household currently has/plans to buy include fitness tracker, exercise/fitness equipment, and carpet cleaning service. Any retailer and business that sells/offers these products and services are great prospects.
  • Also new to lifestyle information (internet) is Do-It-Yourself Advice, Genealogy, Meal Planning, Education, and Health/Medical. You know the prospects here. Match to the strengths of your listeners. Home Improvement is still a big category for local sales.

There are endless opportunities to increase your sales with Scarborough data – especially with the new information in the new data release. Analyze where your listeners excel in target categories to focus your selling efforts. The more you know about your listeners and their habits, the more sales you will close!

Work in programming? See our last blog.

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services