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Promotions to Entice Your Listeners

September 28, 2023

Are you tired of the same old station promotions? How does your station determine the right promotions and contests? How do you know if your audience will relate or participate?

Would you like to have a secret formula or process?


Are you searching for new ideas for your station promotions or contests? It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

First, you should refer to this Hot Topics blog where we helped you to profile your listeners with qualitative data. Then gather the following information about your listeners:

  1. Socioeconomic Characteristics. Who is your typical listener? Describe your “typical” listener by age, gender, education, household income, household size, number of kids, employment, etc.
  2. Consumer Behavior. What are they buying? Is it electronics, furniture, eco-friendly items? What have they bought in the past year that provides insight into their lifestyle? What are they planning to buy in the next year?
  3. Leisure Activities. What activities are most prevalent? Do they swim, bike, fish, or hike? Do they attend concerts, theaters, museums, sports events, etc.? Or maybe they play the lottery or go to casinos? Consider this information based on percentage of your audience as well as index, and make a list of the top activities.

Second, brainstorm and determine appropriate contests for your station. The products your listeners are planning to buy also make great giveaways and prizes for your contests. The list of top activities provides ideas for the type of contest that will encourage listener participation.

Third, develop promotional ideas. Similar to contesting, use your lists of what they bought and are planning to buy in combination with the top activities. If your listeners are big sports fans, consider a promotion in which you partner with a local sports team and give away tickets or sports equipment.

Be sure to tie everything together so that it relates to your audience. Making decisions based on research instead of your gut will increase listener participation and engagement. This is a great activity for both sales and programming teams to work together. We are here to guide you down this road if you need a little help.

-Karen Morriss, Director of Client Services