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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

April 21, 2022

Recycling is not only good for our planet, it is an essential tool in enhancing your ratings. Before we dive into some of the data, let’s take a step back to the basics.

Your audience share is based on Average Quarter Hours (AQH). AQH is a combination of cume and Time Spent Listening (TSL). Yes, we know the technical term in PPM markets is Average Weekly Time Exposed (AWTE), but us old schoolers want you to just get off our lawn.

TSL is composed of two data points…

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Back to Basics: Selling with Qualitative Data: Part 2 – How to Use Index

April 14, 2022

Propensity? Likelihood? Index? What does all of this mean and how can I use it in selling my station? Now that you are a pro at using Target Persons and % of Target (see last week’s blog), let’s focus on Index. Index is the third main term we use in selling with qualitative data and can be used with both local direct and agency accounts.

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Back to Basics: Selling with Qualitative Data: Part 1 – Basic Terms

April 7, 2022

Ever wonder which qualitative estimate is best to use in selling? Well, we will answer that question in the next two articles in our educational Back to Basics series. We’ve covered the basic terms for quantitative data (which refers to how many or quantity), so now we will shift gears to review basic qualitative terms. This refers to the quality – or characteristics – of a consumer group.

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Spotify vs. Radio

March 31, 2022

Digital pure plays have been coming after radio’s lunch money for quite some time. Recently it appeared that Spotify has upped the ante. Under their “Spotify Advertising” banner, they posted the following: “Podcasts vs. radio: What’s the difference for advertisers?”

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The Games People Play

March 24, 2022

Fred Jacobs recently wrote a blog called “Playing the PPM Game.” The gist of the article was that radio has suffered by playing to the meter.

In general terms, we agree with his point that playing to the meters – and not your audience – is not the best strategy. But what about the other side of the coin?

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