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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Become a Better Radio Seller by Improving Your Skillset

August 25, 2022

Nowadays you can find several sales training courses that will show you the best ways to sell … to close business. I’ve been through many sales training courses and most of them have the same general theme. They talk about how to prospect, build a relationship, research the advertiser, put a proposal together, and close the business. But they are missing a big part of what makes you successful in sales.

What is it? What’s the secret sauce?

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The Satellite Problem

August 18, 2022

SiriusXM recently fired a salvo at the radio industry. This has been discussed and dissected enough that we do not need to jump into the fray. Not long after that, Katz released a study showing that 74% of weekly satellite listeners also listen to AM/FM radio. And 34% do so on a daily basis!

While it’s comforting to know that SiriusXM has not siphoned off ALL of AM/FM radio listening, it certainly is consuming quarter hours we would rather keep on our side of the ledger.

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Proven Revenue Increases

August 11, 2022

We help you grow your revenue … and we can prove it!

With just one of our services – Client Specific Presentations – our clients tell us they have generated $54.7 million* in additional revenue over the last four years. These presentations are unique for each advertiser and reflect the specific needs of each one of our clients.

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Back to Basics: What Makes Data Meaningful?

August 4, 2022

Do you ever find yourself staring at a bunch of numbers trying to decide what is best to use? Many of us find it difficult to select the right data to use in a sales pitch to a prospective advertiser. Are you looking/needing a quick way to pick the right information to use to tell the best story for your station?

We have some guidelines.

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Telling Your Story

July 28, 2022

Do you ever struggle to tell the best story for your station? Don’t quite know how to show that you are a great “match” for the advertiser? Need a general format for finding and telling your story?

We’ve got you covered.

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