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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Close More Sales Using Closing Ratios

December 1, 2022

Do you ever find yourself struggling to show an advertiser your station’s efficiency in delivering potential consumers to their store? Do you wish you had a way to show the purchasing power of your listeners?

The answer is simple…use Closing Ratios!

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Back to Basics: Nielsen Audio eBook

November 17, 2022

How much do you know about your market? Do you know how your market has changed by demo, county, or ethnicity? Who are the top employers in the market?

I have great news for you. You can get all this information, plus much more, in one single source.

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Here He Comes

November 10, 2022

As the calendar turns to November, all thoughts go to…when will the Christmas station start playing Burl Ives?

PPM has taught us that the switch to Santa has a profound effect on audience movement.

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Briefcase Basics

November 3, 2022

You probably don’t actually carry a briefcase anymore, yet you get the concept, right? What are the first things you need to learn and know about Radio sales? What are the things you need to know off the top of your head, or at least have at your fingertips to provide to a prospect?

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The System Is Flawed

October 27, 2022

Pretty much since the dawn of radio ratings, programmers (guilty) have blamed the ratings services for our “issues.” These issues usually mean bad ratings. From Arbitron to Nielsen, diary to PPM, the lament remains the same – sample sizes are too small.

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