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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Back to Basics: Why Can’t I Add My Station Cumes to Get a Cluster Cume?

March 17, 2022

Wait a minute! What? I can’t do this? They are separate radio stations so why can’t I add the cumes together to get a cluster total?

This is the most common misuse of audience estimates that I have come across during my tenure in the industry. It’s easy to think we can add cume across stations, yet it’s not that simple…

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Do you know what Nielsen is up to?

March 10, 2022

We’re not launching some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. It’s a legitimate question.

Nielsen’s services are ever evolving. This is a good thing. It is also vital that you are up to date with all of these changes. While we never advocate playing the “ratings game,” you do need to be fully aware of the rules of engagement.

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Make a GREAT impression with Gross Impressions

March 3, 2022

Radio has struggled to convey the benefits of a radio campaign in a simple manner. Reach, frequency, GRPs, and CPP can be very confusing … and what does all this really mean for the advertiser? How can we simplify Radio’s benefits for an advertiser? This is where Gross Impressions can be advantageous.

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When’s the Best Time for a Music Sweep?

February 24, 2022

One of the benefits of Nielsen’s PPM methodology is that it yields a tremendous amount of data. Savvy programmers harness this data to make better decisions and, often, solve problems.

As The Ratings Experts, we relish finding solutions for our client.

Two programming questions that frequently pop up are:

  • Where should I place my heavy spot loads?
  • Where should I place long commercial-free music sweeps?

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Back to Basics: Ratings vs. Shares – What’s the difference?

February 17, 2022

Many of you are probably thinking … Why do I need to know this? Simply put, they are both percentages yet percentages of two different bases or universes.

In last month’s Back to Basics post, we discussed Cume, Time Spent Listening (TSL), and Average Quarter-Hour (AQH). Now let’s explore the meaning and importance of Ratings and Shares.

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