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Hot Topics

Hot Topics

What is the best way to sell my online audience?

August 2, 2012

As we’ve been learning and seeing, radio listening is not diminishing, but it is shifting.  Radio listening is shifting to other media such as online, cell phones, digital, etc.  Heavy radio listeners tend to be heavy digital consumers.  By showing the value of your online users, advertisers can get the best of both worlds by advertising to terrestrial listeners and online users.

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Morning Drive Radio – What the Cool Kids Are Doing Right

July 26, 2012

At last month’s Morning Show Boot Camp, Arbitron presented a benchmark study on the top 25 successful morning shows according to PPM. You can see the full presentation here but we thought there were a few points worthy of your attention.

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Finding an Impactful Sales Story for Every Prospect

July 19, 2012

Media buyers can be divided into two groups: Those who want to make quality buys at the lowest cost per point.  And, those who want to buy at the lowest cost per point.  It is our hope that making a quality buy should always be the buyer’s goal.

You have just received a Request for Proposal (RFP).  So now where do you start?  How are you going to show the value of your station(s) and have it/them stand above the rest?

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Is there an easy way to boost my ratings? (Part 2)

July 12, 2012

As we discussed last time, you need to make sure you understand the fundamentals of AQH before devising a strategy to build ratings.  Two things impact your AQH: cume (how many people come to your radio station) and time spent listening (how long they listen).

Today’s post addresses the second component of AQH…

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Radio: Alive and Kicking in 2012

June 28, 2012

Charlie Sislen, President of Research Director, Inc., recently spoke at the annual conference of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association.  His presentation was entitled “Radio: Alive and Kicking,” and was a review of the present state of radio listening in the United States.

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