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Grow Your Revenue

Grow Your Revenue

You’ll never go on a sales call unarmed again.

Aside from giving you all the information and expertise you need to understand your audience, Research Director, Inc. puts powerful sales tools into your sales team’s hands.

It starts with sales materials that showcase your strengths.

Research Director’s SALES PACKAGE gives your sales force the material it needs to drive sales, including sales strategies specific to your station and sales one-sheets you can use right out of the box. But maybe you need an irresistible special sales presentation for a particular client. Research Director will create that, too, faster than you’d believe, ready to go, complete with your branding. We can also showcase your digital audience to monetize your digital inventory. All you have to do is ask.

Our Radio Buyer’s Guide opens doors.

The RADIO BUYER’S GUIDE is a comprehensive overview of your metro, and advertisers can only get it from you. Your station or group will be the research resource in your market.

Training makes it work.

It’s not enough to have the best information; your sales team has to be trained how to use it effectively. Research Director takes the time to train your salespeople, so they become the go-to guys for information when your advertisers need to know how to reach a particular market. That’s selling from strength.


  • Your sales team spending more time in front of advertisers and less time in front of their computers
  • Having all the information you need to be the trusted marketing resource for your advertisers
  • Access to the research-based sales materials you need to close important advertisers

Don’t just imagine it. A single buy from a major advertiser can pay for Research Director’s services throughout the year. Let us help you do it.